In the fall of 2020, I completed an intensive 12-week-long bootcamp dedicated to designing and building web applications at the University of Pennsylvania. The following full stack applications were completed in one week in collaboration with two of my peers. Feel free to check out the live sites or dig into the code over on my GitHub  open_in_new

Book Chat

This application was created for book lovers to have to ability to share thoughts and comments on books they're reading without having to meet in person. Users are able to join Book Clubs and discussions related to what they’re reading. Most Importantly, they can filter discussions by chapter to avoid spoilers.

Github Repo Live Demo
Walk It Off

This application will offer an appropriate hiking trail for the user based on how many calories they want to burn off after having that extra snack they were craving. Let’s be honest, we all love food and sometimes we can’t help ourselves to seconds!

Github Repo Live Demo
Travel Buddy

Travel buddy is a multi-user trip tracking application where users can create, store, and share information with others about upcoming trips. Users are able to track their spending, split costs, and add/view events to their itinerary for each day of their trip!

Github Repo Live Demo